How To Lose Weight By Changing Your Thoughts

Why Are You Overweight?

Lose Weight By Changing Your ThoughtsI’m among the most experienced weightloss and healthy living coaches in Arizona.

I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of people–it’s, literally, what I do for a living.

I have a unique perspective in that I’ve personally been on both sides of the fence: obesely overweight, and (now) as physically fit and as healthy as I’ve ever been.

You may’ve read a bit of my story, and thought, “Well, that’s him. I’m different. I’ve tried and I just can’t get it.”

Ok. I’ll grant that you’re an individual, and perhaps we do differ in many areas.

However, you probably didn’t notice that the primary reason behind your inability to lose weight (and keep it off), was subtly revealing itself in your very thoughts.


That’s right: I said your thoughts.


You may be able to find another instructor that has a more “hardcore” program.

It’s highly likely that there’s a more demanding “Boot Camp” that you could join.

There’s any number of fad diets or trendy training regimens that you could latch on to….


I’ve Been Where You’re At

I know the feeling: not wanting to step into a big gym because you don’t feel comfortable working out in front of a bunch of other people. It’s a Catch-22. You know you need to exercise, and your diet probably could use a little work, but everyone else at these corporate gyms, and these “need-to-be-seen” Boot Camps hasn’t struggled with the emotional toll that being overweight your entire life takes on you. It’s easier just to stay home.

I get that.

That’s why my facility is private.

You won’t have a bunch of people you don’t know all staring at you.

It can be just you and me.

Or, if you feel more comfortable, I offer a group rate at a significant discount. You can have a few of your friends come in with you.


Change Your Mind Change Your Weight

My goal was to make a place where anyone could come in for only 27 minutes a session, 3 times a week, and start implementing the small, achievable changes that I’ll cater to your specific needs.

Do you have a bad back?

No problem. We’ll work around it.

Bum knee? Won’t be an issue.

You haven’t worked out in a while and you don’t want to go too hard, too soon?

Believe me, I understand.

Again, I’ve been where you’re at right now, as you’re reading this.

You’re one click, or one phone call away from changing your life for the better.


Why Is  FIT BLDRS, LLC Different?

We’ve got people of all ages, all genders, all beliefs–with one common goal: to live a more healthy life.

For me, it started with changing my thoughts, along with slowly incorporating easy-to-attain, small changes into my exercise and eating choices.

You may be too thin, or have an eating disorder.


I’ve worked with everyone and everything you can imagine.

The bottom line is that I know how to get the best results for you.

And we can do that more easily than a large-scale gym because we work with you one-on-one.


We’ve created a private environment that anyone would feel comfortable.

I drew on my experience from my past.

I created the kind of setting that I would have been comfortable starting out in.


Again, there’s so much information out there, it’s easy to get overloaded and not know where to start.


But I’ve discovered something a bit simpler.

Yes, of course, my program incorporates exercise and eating habits–those are important.

Where I differ from other personal trainers in Arizona–and, for that matter, Nationally–is in the addition of something more…elemental.


I also train you to think differently.

And we’re going to do it in gradual, small steps.


Again, my Program–The FIT BLDRS Program–is only 27 minutes per session, 3 times a week.

That’s all I need you for.


Isn’t it time you started with just one simple change in your thoughts?


Stop believing that thought that says you can’t, and focus on that spark of hope that’s saying, “Maybe…I can…”


Make up your mind, and make a simple decision that’s going to be the first of many simple, small decisions.


And I’m going to change your life.


Click the image below, and fill out the form on the Page it takes you to.

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602 570 5456


Change Your Thoughts Lose Weight Now