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After Losing 200 Pounds

After Losing 200 Pounds

Joe Cefalu, the Owner of  FIT BLDRS, LLC once weighed 400 lbs., has significant personal experience and expertise in the health and fitness arena.

Without the use of modern surgery, drugs or pre-packaged foods I have lost 211 lbs. Now weighing 189 lbs., my journey through a physical transformation using Nutrition and Exercise is just short of miraculous. I now motivate, encourage and instruct people to change their own lives and body at my North Scottsdale Health, Fitness & Weight loss Center.

My Specialized attention includes:
Weight Loss (thru Nutrition & Activity), Functional Movements, Senior Balance & Fall Prevention techniques, Senior Muscular, Cardio & Bone Strength Conditioning (Yes Seniors can & should use weight resistance exercises). My clients range in age from 40 – 90 years young.

As a Fitness Instructor, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Motivational Speaker, Expert Self-Talk Coach, I can be heard sharing my motivational messages & knowledge on many life and business topics as a Talk Radio Host. I occasionally speak to youth & business groups in the Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona community.


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